About us

About us

We’re dedicated to sourcing and supplying inspirational furniture to discerning consumers and interior design professionals alike

Whether you’re looking for something stylish for your home, a piece of furniture that cleverly fits a gap, or you want a sustainable product – our living furniture has it all.

Everything we offer comes as self-assembly, which helps us to keep prices realistic without compromising quality and the look you want to achieve. That’s because all of our customers share a common thread – they turn to us for new trends, and stylish and modern furniture with some wow.

Example of contemporary furniture available from Andrew Piggott

From our website to Furnish… and beyond

You can order a hand-picked selection of furniture here, via our Living Store.

Through our partnership with Furnish.co.uk we provide an extensive range of furniture pieces and styles to consumers, while we also collaborate with talented interior designers on lots of celebrated projects across the world.

To discuss your requirements in detail, please do get in touch with our team.

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